Corporate Governance Statement

General principles

The operations and activities of Orion Corporation and its subsidiaries (the Orion Group) are based on compliance with laws and regulations issued thereunder, as well as with ethically acceptable operating practices. The tasks and duties of the different governance bodies of the Group are determined in accordance with legislation and the corporate governance principles of the Group.

In its governance, Orion Corporation follows the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2010 for companies listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. Orion Corporation deviates from the Code's recommendation No. 22 concerning the election of members to the Nomination Committee, which can also include persons other than members of the Board. The Company considers the exception justified in view of the Company's ownership structure and the potential for flexibility when preparing for the election of the Board members.

The Corporate Governance Statement of the Orion Group presented in connection with the latest annual Financial Statements as a separate report from the Report by the Board of Directors, as well as a description of the governance updated after its date are available at The Corporate Governance Code is available at

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